About Me

My name is Deidre Wicks and I spend my days in a tiny studio in Toronto, Canada where I draw funny animals and giggle to myself continually. I was first introduced to the wondrous possibilities of illustration while studying fashion design at University. After several years of frustration and struggle in the fashion industry I turned to illustration as an escape and eventually, magically, it became my living.




MITZI the Rescue Cat: Mitzi has many talents but she is especially good at walking all over a newly finished painting with her dirty paws. She is also an exceptional model who inspires many of my very best watercolours. (She made me write that last part)

Mitzi the grey tabby rescue cat. A true beauty!


OREO the Rescue Dog: This spirited Texan terrier mix has had to navigate a great deal of change since his early days living outside in the country with 40 other dogs. He's been introduced to indoor living, couches, leashes and most importantly a sense of love and security. While he's come to grudgingly accept the reality of snow he still struggles with his manners sometimes. He's a #wip

My dog Oreo, a rescue terrier mix from Texas