Watercolour painting of a lop eared rabbit wearing a vintage scarf and sunglasses. She's ready for a beach vacation!

We're Having A Heat Wave

...a Canadian heat wave. Actually if I'm being honest this summer hasn't been too terrible in Southern Ontario. Until this week that is. I am NOT a fan of hot weather or high humidity so I'm feeling very grumpy and kinda sticky. Weirdly I like air conditioning even less than I like hot temperatures so I refuse to have it in my house. I have fans all over my studio blowing in every which direction so I'm managing to keep cool(ish). The fans mean I'm having to chase my sketches as they blow off my desk but I don't care, no AC for me!

I have noticed that I've been planning a lot of Halloween and winter-themed illustrations lately but I doubt there is a connection, right?

I'm listing new art almost daily right now so have a wonder around the store. Just hold on to your hat, my fans might blow it clear off your head!

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