Coloured pencil drawing of a happy red squirrel holding a heart shaped candy cane. Merry Christmas 2022!g

A Belated Christmas Greeting

So I messed this up. I thought I had auto-set my Christmas post but I just realized today that I obviously hadn't. Sigh. My plans for this post ended the same way my general Christmas plans ended: in failure. Thanks to a big snow storm, a fallen tree and a derailed freight train, I didn't make it to see family in Ottawa this year. But I wasn't stranded onboard a train for 18hrs like some of my fellow passengers so I'll consider that my silver lining!!    

This year I also had grand plans to draw a whole series of Christmas illustrations featuring a sassy cat named Mitzi (wink, wink). I even sketched out some ideas with the intention to start that very day. But one day melted into the next and suddenly there were no more days left. Ah well, I did get 2 xmas drawings finished this year. Do I get a prize??

It's been an interesting year and I have no doubt that 2023 will prove to be an even stranger one. What never changes is my appreciation for you, my dear loyal customers. Your kindness, good wishes and lovely stories are what keep me going year after year. Well that and coffee, ha!

Deidre xoxo

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