Watercolour painting of a pug dog happily jumping into Autumn leaves

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's official! We are now into the most glorious, inspiring, COLOUREFUL time of the year. IT'S AUTUMN. Pink cheeks, smoke scented air, crisp apples and ghost stories, does it get any better? Oh and did I mention all that glorious colour? Drool.

I think people in my neighbourhood are looking forward to the Fall just as much as I am. I've never seen such an early display of  pumpkins, gourds and yes, even Halloween decorations. Maybe we all just want a bit of fun after months of Covid. I know I do.

Here in my studio I'm working on new paintings which I hope to have listed soon. I also introduced a new line of archival greeting cards that double as small 5x7 prints. I realized that many of my customers were framing my cards so I wanted to offer a better quality, longer lasting paper. Keep an eye out for new designs.

I'm also starting work on this year's batch of Christmas cards. Christmas is my other favourite time of year, did I mention that yet?


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