Spring is Here!

Coloured pencil drawing of a happy tabby cat holding a bunch of colourful tulips. It's Spring!

March 21, 2019

The birds are chirping, the air is (a bit) warmer and the chickens next door are complaining loudly about the pigeons stealing their feed. That can mean only one thing: it's SPRING! Congratulations my friends we made it.

Spring also means I'm doing some mental Spring cleaning and making decisions about what to paint next. Did you catch that slip? Yes PAINT. I've decided I've had enough time away from watercolour and I finally have some new painting ideas I want to play around with. Maybe even a book? If I can sit my butt in my chair long enough to actually paint enough illustrations for a full book. Time will tell

And yes, I realize that the cover illustration for this post is a coloured pencil drawing, but hey it was the best Springy depiction I had. Flowers are flowers no matter the medium :)

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