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Spring Cleaning Once Again

If you've visited my website over the past few years you may have noticed that things tend to change around here a lot. I move sections, I rearrange layouts and I add and subtract stock. Then I decide I don't like any of it and put everything back the way it was. Sigh. I blame that on being an artist. We just never seem to be satisfied with our work and keep fusing over it.

All of this to say that my shop is on the move again. This time it's more about resetting after a year of Covid and having a better idea of what works right now and what just doesn't sell anymore. I also got tired of looking at the same old layout so that might have had something to do with it as well.

I'm trying something new with the organization of my prints. Because I create art in several different mediums I've decided to section out my prints my medium. Each medium will then be grouped by animal. Please let me know if the new layout makes things easier to find. I'm always happy to hear suggestions from the shoppers who actually use the website because you interact with it in a very different way than I do. Of course tomorrow I might wake up and decide to put everything back exactly how it was before. Time will tell...

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