Rejection is Tough

Rejection is Tough

Watercolour of a human girl trying to kiss a horrified cat

Rejection is hard. Whether it's being picked last for a sports team, being fired from a job you like or being dumped by the love of your life. It can be soul crushing. Like most of us I've experienced all of these rejections, especially the sports thing. Everyone at school knew I was a 'girly' Ballerina who was crappy at sports. (And just for the record ballet is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life!)

So what is the worst rejection one can face? It's when you want to show your cat just how adorable they are and just how much you adore them. You move in for a kiss and their reaction is one of pure, visceral horror. It's a special kind of rejection and boy does it hurt, yet we subject ourselves to it over and over again don't we? Cats.

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