Crayon drawing by Water In My Paint of an excited squirrel holding a champagne bottle and welcoming the New Year

Ready or Not it's 2019!

As I type this message the display on my phone has just changed over to 12:00 am so ready or not it's 2019!! Doesn't it feel like it was just Y2K and we were all waiting for the end of the world? I plan to spend this shiny first day of this shiny New Year at the aquarium with my family. I hope to take plenty of photos so I have all kinds of new inspiration for my art. That's the plan anyway. Somehow I never remember to take many photos no matter where I go. Ah well, the ''images'' I take with just my brain always have a way of showing up in my illustrations one way or another.

I wish everyone a bright, happy and prosperous New Year. And just a friendly reminder that the new diet can wait until tomorrow ;)



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