(No Longer) On Strike!

(No Longer) On Strike!

UPDATE: Canada Post has been legislated back to work (which is great!) but there are still plenty of delays with shipping times (which is bad!) I highly suggest getting your Christmas orders in ASAP.

Don't worry I'm not the one on strike. My boss wouldn't have much sympathy for my demands anyway so why bother - the glamorous life of the self-employed!!!! Canada Post has been on rotating strike for over a month now and that means mail has been sloooooooowed down considerably. I tried to ask at my local post office about projected delivery dates but they had no idea. Frustratingly they couldn't even say whether mail sent to the US this week would arrive in time for Christmas! (Not the fault of the ladies who work the Canada Post outlet btw. They rock!!)

So where does that leave my little shop? I'm suggesting that if you're located outside of Canada you get any Christmas orders in ASAP. 

If you're located in Canada packages should still arrive in time. It seems that Canada Post is prioritizing Canadian packages but who really knows!?!


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