Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up

How to tell what medium my illustration was drawn with

I love watercolour! It was the very first medium that truly grabbed my imagination back when I was in my first year of Fashion School. It was also the medium that taught me about patience, colour theory and technique. It's not too great a stretch to say that I owe my career to watercolour. However, like all artists, there comes a time when you have to push yourself artistically and branch out to other mediums. That's where I am right now.

When I decided to reorganize my shop I thought it best to group items by animal. I wanted this website to be above all things easy to navigate. That left the problem of different illustrations drawn in different mediums being listed under the same category. So how can you tell the difference? Not to worry, I clearly list the medium of the original illustration in the listing details. I also include a graphic that shows you exactly what you're buying.

Most importantly, my style is still my style. No matter the medium my art can be mixed and matched and happily grouped together. 



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