In Praise of Old Dogs

In Praise of Old Dogs

My rescue chiweenie and senior dog Tad looking serious and adorable

I adore old dogs. Not only are they house broken, calm and generally well behaved they are also cuddle bugs. 2 years ago I adopted a 13 year old Chiweenie that had been brought to Toronto from a shelter in Kentucky. Admittedly he was older then originally stated, and yes I had to pay to have all of his teeth removed, but it was love at first sight. Tad is good-natured, clever and amazingly tolerant. If he were younger I'd look into training him as a therapy dog. He's that good! He was probably always like this but I do know that there is one thing most old dogs have in common: they're total snuggle bugs. Tad asks nothing of me but to be with me. I think there is something profound about that. 

Next time you're looking to add a dog to your life please consider a senior. You won't regret it.

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Wonderful Artist.

Susan Mulrooney

I think that is wonderful and I totally agree about senior dogs. They are the best!
Your artwork is beautiful. I have signed up for your newsletter.
Thank you,

Margaret Black



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