Watercolour painting of a magic squirrel creating a cauldron of spells. Art by Deidre Wicks

I'm Getting a Makeover

It's makeover time again! No, not the kind of makeover that involves lipstick, a fresh haircut and a shiny new wardrobe (although Lord knows I could probably use those things). I've decided to clean up my website with the digital equivalent of a fresh coat of paint and couple of bright area rugs. I've also parted ways with Etsy after 16 long years to concentrate full-time on this website. It was time.

I've been a busy little beaver painting brand new watercolours and the stack of fresh art is getting taller by the day. I'll start scanning, cleaning and printing the paintings as soon as I can.

In the mean time if you have any thoughts about the new look please let me know. I can get very myopic while redesigning layouts and sometimes I forget to think about what my customer might think or prefer. 

Happy Summer All!

Deidre xox

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