If Cats Could Text We'd all be Doomed!

If Cats Could Text We'd all be Doomed!

I was going through some old files on my laptop, trying to tame the beast that is my Saved Photos file, when I came across a side project I'd been working on a few years ago. I had this idea to start a blog that featured a texting cat and I thought it was brilliant. (The ideas I have late at night when I can't sleep are always brilliant, trust me ;) Like many of my side projects I had to put this one on hold when the commercial art I was contracted to do took over my life. Recently I've been looking at a way to transition and grow my art and maybe this is the solution. I can even see a book in the future, fleshed out with some other themes and comic art. My brain is exploding with ideas!

What do you think? Good idea, or one better left in my sketchbook?

A texted from cat. He's fat and hungry

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