Illustration of a chihuahua suffering from brain freeze while eating a huge bowl of ice cream

I Hate Ice Cream!

It's true, I hate ice cream and I always have. It's cold, messy and makes my teeth hurt. When I was a kid my parents would take my siblings and I to this amazing 1960s ice cream parlour called Tom's Dairy Freeze. As a summer treat we were allowed to order anything we wanted. While my two sisters and my brother always ordered a large vanilla cone dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts I opted for a small ice cream sandwich. Everyone thought I was crazy but there was a method to my mad choice. More cookie meant less ice cream and less ice cream was just fine with me.

A few weeks ago I took my nephews to Tom's because it's become a summer tradition. They ordered a large cone each (and ate every bite!!!) while I ordered my usual tiny sandwich. I might hate ice cream but how could I not love the tradition of sitting at a picnic table with my family outside of Tom's on a warm summer's night?

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