Watercolour painting of 2 lambs dressed as vanilla cupcakes

Has It Really Been 2 Years Already?

This morning I logged into my home page as I do every morning and was greeted with a Happy 2nd Anniversary! message. Was that ever a shocker!! If you had asked me how old this website was I would have said a year, if that. Maybe it's because I recently decided to transition from my old Water In My Paint branding to selling under my own name and therefor things still feel shiny and new around here. Or maybe I just need to slow down a bit and appreciate life a bit more.

What's even more shocking is that my Etsy store has almost reached it 10th Anniversary. Yes 10th!!! I'll be doing something special for this big milestone in April of 2020 so stay tuned.

Another shocker: it's almost 2020. I hope that's all the shockers I get for today, my heart can't take anymore. 

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