Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day!

It's the Victoria Day long weekend and the unofficial start of summer here in Canada. Last night there were plenty of fireworks in my neighbourhood and I'm always amused that my biggest, baddest, toughest cat is the only one who's afraid of the bangs. Mitzi's a bit too brave sometimes so it's good to know that there's something that will keep her in check. She even snuggled in beside me which is a true rarity. Don't worry Mitzi, just one more night of festivities!

I like to play the game IF THAT PERSON WERE AN ANIMAL WHAT ANIMAL WOULD THEY BE? From everything that I've read about Queen Victoria I think she would have been a cat. Is there anything more regal than a cat anyway? (The dog's not in the room right now so I can type that without guilt!!)

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