Watercolour painting of an angry jack-o-lantern about to take revenge on us humans. Original art by Deidre Wicks

Happy Halloween!!

Last night while out for my evening stroll I thought I had walked into a horror movie. Dead things were hanging from trees, there was a rolling fog coming off the ground and a hooting owl seemed to be following me through the dark streets. It was spooky season PERFECTION! The dead things were just plastic decorations of course, but the fog and the owl were real. It was at that moment I remembered why I love this time of year so much. It's pure magic.

This Halloween stuff your tummy to the brim with candy and allow yourself to be scared witless at least once. It may be the season of death but it never fails to make me feel completely alive.

Halloween also means that I'm busy getting my Christmas stock finalized, counted and posted in my shop. Everything will be available to purchase by the end of the week in both this shop and my Etsy store. That way you can shop for Christmas gifts while recovering from your sugar high. It's a guaranteed post-Halloween cure.

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