Sneak peak look at a new Christmas card design by Deidre Wicks

Gearing Up For Christmas

Last night Toronto had it's very first snow fall of the season and this morning I got a bit of a jolt realizing just how fast Christmas is approaching. It was also a jolt to see bright white snow on top of the still bright Autumn leaves! Not to worry though, I've been hard at work painting and producing new Christmas card designs so they're pretty much ready to go. I prefer to wait until after Remembrance Day to actually list Christmas items so as of Tuesday Nov 12th I'll be stocking my virtual shelves. Yup I'm Old-School like that.

In the mean time here is a sneak peek reveal of one of my new card designs. It's a cat! I bet that's a shocker to all of you who know my work. Haha!

I'll have plenty of new designs this year as well as a couple of returning favourites. There are boxed multiples available and even the option to create your own box set. Hurrah!

Lastly I will be hosting my annual Black Friday Sale from Nov 29 to Dec 2. All items in the store will be 30% off. 





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Hello, I love your print ic a beaver holding coffee! Is it possible to get one?

Pamela Otte

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